Footwear plays a crucial role in our health and well-being. There’s nothing as damaging as a pair of ill-fitting shoes, especially for young, growing feet.

Children's bones remain delicate and develop well into their teenage years. Considering that they typically wear their school shoes for approximately seven hours each day, the shoes they wear must fit them correctly.

We’re not too far off the start of the new school term so, if you are thinking of buying shoes for your kids, here’s our quick guide.

Best Times to Visit a Shoe Store

While August and September are typically the busiest months for selling children's school shoes, we recommend visiting a store during the quieter periods of the day, such as early morning or late afternoon. This will cut down your waiting time and means you can be in and out quicker.

Check Online Selections

You can cut down your time searching for the right shoes by having a look online and going through the different fashions with your child. We do recommend that you visit a physical store,  however, to ensure you get the correct fitting.

Check School Guidelines

It is essential to be aware of your child's school guidelines regarding acceptable footwear. Some schools have more stringent guidelines than others and the last thing you want is to spend money on shoes and find they aren’t acceptable.

Bring Socks to a Fitting

This might sound a little strange but if you’ve got a child wandering around in bare feet then you won’t know how comfortable shoes are when wearing socks. Kids can be a little temperamental so just make sure you keep a spare pair in your bag or pocket when you visit the shoe store.

Plan Ahead

Avoid leaving your school shoe shopping until the last minute (that goes for uniforms as well as shoes). Places get a lot busier the closer to the start date of the school term you get. Stocks can also get depleted and leave you with less choice. We advise going early and getting all your school outfit shopping done before the rush begins.

The Benefits of a Fitting

Off-the-rack shoes are fine for some things, but for school wear you really should have your child’s feet measured and the correct size chosen. This can prevent problems breaking in the shoes and ensure they are comfortable and safe for school use. That’s why it’s also important to choose a reliable shoe shop if you can.

Once you’ve bought the shoes, encourage your child to wear them around the house to ensure they are comfortable and properly broken in by the time they start school.

Prioritising the correct fitting of school shoes for your child is important to their health, comfort and well-being. There’s a lot to be said for relying on the expertise of trained staff in a proper shoe outlet – it will ensure that your child's feet are cared for and the shoes you buy are a correct fit.
July 20, 2023 — Matilda Wilkinson