Ensuring your children’s shoe measurement is correct and up to date is an important way to make sure that your children’s feet are properly supported and their overall foot growth is not stunted. Wearing shoes which are too big or too small is dangerous to children’s foot development. Without ensuring your kids feet fit correctly in their shoes, they are left vulnerable to bunions, blisters, and sores. 

Similarly to clothing, there is no standardardisation of sizing in shoes. This means that it is fundamental that you measure your kids shoe size - either at home or by a professional, such as the staff at Little bRogues.

Little bRogues train all staff on how to measure kids feet correctly, and the owner, Simon Dernie, has been trained by the Society of Shoe Fitters. The Society of Shoe Fitters (SSF) is an organisation founded in 1959 that is made up of retail staff, supplier representatives, podiatrists, chiropodists and more. To become a member of the SSF, students must qualify from a 5 to 10 month qualification that includes an understanding of the foot’s anatomy, function, and how to correctly fit shoes.   

The Society of Shoe Fitters use the metaphor of bonsai saplings to explain how children’s feet continue to evolve. If bonsai saplings are restricted, they become misshapen and weak. This applies to children’s feet, as children grow, they become heavier, and their feet change in shape and size. A host of variations can have an impact on our children’s feet and how best to support them as they develop. For example, if both legs are equal in length and we always walked barefoot, we would have a perfect natural gait. However, for some, one leg is longer than the other and this means that our body is out of kilter. This not only affects the foot's development, but also the bodies hips, back, knees and even neck. 

A qualified shoe fitter, such as those at Little bRogues, will be able to examine the wear pattern on your children’s shoes to see if their gait pattern is irregular and subsequently suggest how to help - as well as being a trained foot measurer.  

Although Little bRogues recommend booking in for a shoe fitting appointment, it is possible to measure kids' feet at home using free tools available from Start-Rite. 


How to measure kids feet at home 

With the ongoing climate of the past year, it’s hard to plan far in advance and that has meant that many have had to take matters into their own hands. Luckily, Little bRogues does have some pointers on how to measure kids feet at home using the foot measuring device from Start-Rite. 

Step 1. Download the Start-Rite Foot Measure and print the paper gauge by clicking here.

Step 2. Follow the instructions on how to measure kids feet at home. 

Step 3. Email littlebrogues@mail.com with your measurements, and we’ll get back to you with your children’s foot measurements converted into shoe size. For even better recommendations, why not round up which shoes you might be interested in? That way the expert team at Little bRogues can advise the best size depending on whether the shoe fits larger, smaller, or is accurate to size. 

Take a look at Little bRogues range of shoes by clicking here. 

Shoe Measurement Appointments at Little bRogues 

As part of Little bRogues ongoing commitment to measure kids shoe size and ensure a safe, well fitted shoe, we offer free shoe fitting appointments. Whether you’d like school shoes fitted or simply everyday shoes, here’s how you can book a shoe measurement appointment at Little bRogues. 

Step 1. Visit the Little bRogues Calendly link and pick a date and time that suits you by clicking here. Remember to book two slots if more than one child is having their feet measured. 

Step 2. Let Little bRogues know in advance if your children have any special requirements, such as orthotics. 

Step 3. Show up on the day and time specified and we’ll take care of the rest! 


If you have any questions, please contact Little bRogues on: 

✉️ littlebrogues@mail.com  

📞 07823 442434 

Visit us at 📍8 Library Rd, Kendal LA9 4QB. 

In the meantime, you can browse Little bRogues shoes online by clicking here.


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April 15, 2021 — Matilda Wilkinson