Gifts - Shoes, vouchers, and experiences!

Here's why kids shoes make the perfect gift...

🎁 They keep on giving - We wear shoes everyday!

🎁 They're fun, fashionable AND practical! So you can be assured you're giving something that'll get used again and again.

🎁 They're original gifts - Not many people think to buy kids shoes, and yet clothes are so often bought. Shoes will definitely get their wear!

🎁 You can make it an experience - If you're put off by trying to find out the child's shoe size (if it's not your own!), you can give a voucher instead. Along with the voucher, a promise to take the child shopping (when it's safe to do so). This'll give you some quality time together, and the parents a little free babysitting. A win-win!

Shop small this Christmas 🎁✨

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December 03, 2020 — Matilda Wilkinson