Kids love the outdoors and certainly need footwear that can keep up with all that jumping around and climbing.

Ensuring your kids have appropriate footwear is crucial for their comfort, safety and foot health. When they’re outdoors, their feet are exposed to various terrains, rough surfaces and unpredictable conditions. Hard-wearing sandals, designed specifically for all those activities offer numerous advantages compared to other types of footwear.

Benefits of Hard-Wearing Childrens Sandals

The big advantage is that they are designed to withstand rough treatment and are highly durable. The last thing you want as a parent is for those shoes to fall apart. They are made from strong materials including rubber, leather, as well as synthetic fibres, which means they can endure extended use without showing significant wear and tear.

The rugged construction of hard-wearing sandals should deliver optimal protection for your child's feet whether they’re clambering over rocks or running through a forest. You’re likely to see reinforced toe caps, for example, that shield against accidental impacts. Strong outer soles provide excellent grip and traction on potentially hazardous surfaces.

While you want them to be hard-wearing, you also want comfort for your kids when they are out playing. These types of footwear tend to feature cushioned soles that provide plenty of support and absorb shock. Modern sandals are also designed with breathable materials which improve air circulation and prevent excessive sweating, reducing the potential for foot odour problems.

Features to Look for in a Hard-Wearing Kids Sandal

The first thing you want is a sandal that has a strong construction. Check for things like reinforced stitching, straps and durable materials that can withstand rough use and outdoor conditions.

A secure fastening system is crucial to keep the sandals in place during active play, especially for smaller children. Look for adjustable straps with reliable closures, such as buckles or hook-and-loop fasteners.

A supportive footbed is essential for the comfort and proper alignment of your child's feet as they grow but is something parents often overlook. Pick sandals with cushioned insoles that provide arch support and shock absorption at the very least.

The bottom of the sandal should also offer excellent traction on various surfaces, including wet or uneven terrains. Of course, you want to enhance grip and minimize the risk of slips and falls if they’re climbing over rocks, allowing your child to explore and play with confidence.

Finding the Perfect Fit

To find the perfect fit for your child's feet, it's crucial to measure their foot size accurately. Use a measuring tape to determine their length and width. Refer to the manufacturer's sizing chart and select the appropriate size accordingly.

It’s a good idea to opt for sandals that have adjustable straps to accommodate different foot shapes and sizes. This allows you to customise the fit while still ensuring a secure and comfortable experience for your child.

Finally, kids' feet grow quickly, so it's important to choose sandals that offer at least some room for growth. Look for designs with ample toe space and adjustable features that can accommodate growing feet. This should mean that the sandals will remain comfortable and properly fitting for an extended period, saving you from frequent replacements and a bit more money.

May 16, 2023 — Matilda Wilkinson