Gore-Tex is a synthetic waterproof fabric that's permeable to air and water vapour, and is used in outdoor and sports clothing. 🌿

At Little bRogues, we have a selection of shoes that are made out of Gore-Tex. This ensures that they're waterproof, breathable, and windproof. Perfect for little explorers!

🌧️ It's Waterproof! Rain and snow CAN'T get in. Even in the heaviest storms you stay protected - so feet stay dry.


🌀 It's Breathable! Whatever the temperature outside, your body sweats when you’re on the move. Gore-Tex allows water vapor to escape, so the adventures can continue.

🌬️ It's Windproof! Wind chill can drop your body temperature fast and cause discomfort.


Gore-Tex's windproof technologies block all wind and keep feet warm.

Look for the Gore-Tex logo ➡️ https://littlebrogues.co.uk/product-category/waterproof/

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September 24, 2020 — Matilda Wilkinson