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Winter Boots for children – what you need to know


Winter Boots for children – what you need to know

It’s that time of year, the time when you realise that your child’s trainers and shoes they’ve been wearing in autumn no longer cut it and you can’t avoid having to buy some winter boots for your children.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have put off buying winter boots and we’re already well into November. Where did this year go? My little girl is still running around in her summer shoes, they’re not sandals, I’m not a monster, but they aren’t equipped to deal with icy ground and frosty air.

So far, I’ve been lucky, the weather hasn’t yet called for it, but the other morning we had our first frost and I knew the time had come. ‘What if it snowed?’ I thought in a panic, ‘or the ground completely frosted over?’ Last year’s winter boots are too small, meaning she would be left to wear her wellies and I would be racked with guilt over her poor little feet.

Do your research first

Before I headed out to the shops, I thought it was best if I had some idea of what to look out for in buying the perfect pair of winter boots. She’s growing quick, as children tend to, and winter boots can be expensive things so I wanted a pair that would last. A pair that will be perfect in all kinds of weather (frost, ice, etc) and most importantly, boots that she won’t mind wearing. Because, even though my daughter is only four, she can be very single minded when it comes to what she puts on her feet and arguing over footwear in the morning is no one’s idea of fun.

First stop was to have a look what was on offer. Shoe shopping for children can be a minefield, and if you’re not careful you can waste days staring at winter boots, arguing over the choice with your child, going cross-eyed with the amount of choice. I didn’t have that kind of time to waste so I wanted to do a little research before heading out. I needed to know what qualities in winter boots I needed to have on my check list, and so asked Simon, owner of Little bRouges, the Dalai lama of winter boots for children.

“Waterproof properties,” was the first thing on his list, along with “warm linings.” https://littlebrogues.co.uk/product-category/waterproof/

You want the boots to be cosy, to be inviting and something that your little one will want to pop her feet into because they’re so comfortable. He also advised to consider, ‘leg length’ and to look out for a ‘good grip.’

So when you do go shopping, don’t forget to turn the shoe over. Take a look at the tread, at what kind of traction it will provide on the icy floor. Look at the inside lining, is it soft, comfortable?

He also advised to think about what the end use of the product is, what do you want to use it for? And this was a vital piece of information for me, because apart from my induced panic over her not having any winter boots, I hadn’t really considered what my daughter would be wearing them for and this would really affect what we bought and if it was a good purchase.

For instance, a winter boot that she was going to be wearing for hiking up hills is very different to a winter boot that she was going to be wearing for playing out and going to school in.

It made me think before even leaving the house and so when we did go out winter boot shopping, I had a good idea what it was we were looking for. I decided we wanted an all-round boot, I wasn’t looking for a boot for her to go out hiking in, or a boot for school. I wanted a winter boot that would cope in the bad weather as well as looking really great, and if they came in pink, even better.

Next stop, was to look at the best sellers. After all, I figured, they were best sellers for a reason and so went to see what was top of the winter boot charts. https://littlebrogues.co.uk/product-category/boots/

“Dr Martens are amazing in winter,” Simon advised, “considered very robust, almost bombproof.” Being a proud owner of a pair of Dr Martens myself, I loved this idea. Especially as they came in such great colours! Shiny pink boots that will last the whole winter as well as being comfortable and protective, what’s not to like? https://littlebrogues.co.uk/product-category/brands/dr-martens/

He also recommended Froddo Cheslsea boots which are very on trend at the moment and look fantastic. They come in brilliantly bright colours and a simple design which makes them all the more striking. https://littlebrogues.co.uk/product-category/brands/froddo/

For boys, he recommended Ecco with Gore-tex linings, but if they are a little out of your price range, then there’s Lurchi with a waterproof membrane which are non-branded and a lot cheaper.  https://littlebrogues.co.uk/product-category/brands/lurchi/

For toddlers and early walkers, the non-waterproof boots like Bobux are amazing but whatever age of child your shopping for, always look for breathable linings as they are the best for foot health and allow the foot to breathe. https://littlebrogues.co.uk/product-category/brands/bobux/

Once you’ve made your choice, the next thing to think about is how you’re going to look after your winter boots. They can take quite a beating, being out in all kinds of weather, so make sure you use a waterproof spray to guard them and make them water and stain repellent. Cherry Blossom sprays have an extra 25% off at the moment in Little bRouges and can make a real difference to how long the boot stays in tip-top shape. https://littlebrogues.co.uk/product-category/care-products/

The last thing to consider before leaving home is what socks your child is wearing. Try and have a pair of cotton or natural fibre socks as they are best to help the foot breathe and lastly, make it fun!

I always find it’s a good idea if I explain to my daughter what’s going to happen before we embark on any shopping trip. She likes to know what to expect so that there’s no sudden surprises or arguments.

So before leaving the house, I told her that we’d be going to Little bRouges, a magical shoe shop in Windermere village where the shoe assistants there knew special things about feet.

I explained that when we got there, a lovely shop assistant would gently measure her feet to see how big they were. This would involve taking her shoe off, and standing on a special platform. Then she would get to try on different winter boots, in different colours, until we found the perfect pair for her.

I told her that her new winter boots were going to be very good friends to her. They would protect her feet in the cold and the frost and that they would take her on amazing adventures where she would be able to run and skip and dart about no matter what the weather.

I explained that the winter boots were going to be very special and that she would love them and it was going to be a bit of a magical purchase, because after all the wonderful advice from Simon at Little bRouges and the wonderful selection of winter boots that they have on offer, how could shoe shopping at Little bRouges not be magical?


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