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A big thank you to all our lovely new customers and visitors we met yesterday. It was a fantastic day and we are grateful for all the lovely compliments, good luck cards, flowers and of course, your business.

A few special thank you’s go to Triarom and The Hair Lounge for putting up with noise whilst we were setting up.
Fullpoint Design and Mike Ormrod Signs for the amazing designs and windows.
Honest John for sorting the electrics.
Vic Richards carpet fitter for laying the floor.
Paces and Laces of Leyland for staff training.
Stomp of Knaresborough for staff training and loaning out help for our opening day.
Consiton Corporate for our uniforms.

A big thank you goes to our friends for your love and encouragement but the biggest thank you is reserved for our family for their tireless efforts, imagination, enthusiasm and literally living and breathing the shop for the past 3 months.

Joe and Dan Williams have done an incredible job with their joinery skills, working evenings and weekends, we are so proud of you for the fabulous young men you’ve become.
To Louis and Benj thank you for coming in at weekends and after school to help clean and check deliveries. You did great work and we are so proud.
But above all this the biggest thank you goes to my Kate for her encouragement, drive, passion, imagination, creativity, love and hundreds of hours spent beavering away. Without doubt Little Brogues would not be half as cool as it is without you.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.


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