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Summer footwear for children’s feet


The summer holidays are looming large and the build up is a bit like the run up to Christmas, you’re either super organised with lots planned or you will just wing it from day one. Maybe you’ve already got your holiday booked, packed the cases, checked the passports a million times and are ready to go, or maybe not. Either way you’ve got six weeks at least to keep the kids busy and safe….yikes! Have you checked their summer footwear is up to the task?

One thing is for sure they won’t be in their school shoes so it’s either trainers, sandals, canvas or crocs for a while. We’ve noticed a massive spike in sales of all of these with customers telling us they are getting ready for the summer holidays.

So what are your best options for summer footwear?

Trainers…… great for everyday wear and perfect summer footwear for going exploring, playing sports, days out etc. We have New Balance, Skechers, Plae and Pediped. We always like to keep our styles up to date and refresh the collection in-store and online. https://littlebrogues.co.uk/product-category/shoes/trainers/

Sandals……time for toes out. A summer essential for everyday and holidays. Try Salt-water sandals for mums and kids. They are both waterproof and machine washable so an amazing all-rounder. Or are you a Birkenstock fan that loves their iconic footbed? A summer footwear wardrobe isn’t complete without a good pair of sandals. https://littlebrogues.co.uk/product-category/sandals/


Canvas…..perfect or all outfits and occasions. Lightweight and breathable the canvas sneaker has been a staple item of summer footwear in wardrobes for decades. Try the amazing new Oomphies canvas shoes, at £15 you can’t go wrong. https://littlebrogues.co.uk/product-category/brands/oomphies/

Crocs……love em or loathe them you can’t deny their popularity and practicality as summer footwear. Perfect for the poolside, the beach, the lake or just taking out the bins. https://littlebrogues.co.uk/product-category/brands/crocs/ 


The good thing for your pocket is that the sales are on and we are in full-on sale mode with up to 80% off summer footwear. Shops need to clear their summer stock to make room for the hundreds of boxes of school shoes that are arriving daily.

So whatever you choose have a fab time and remember it’s only six weeks until they go back to school!


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