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5 Reasons You Need to be at our Giant Walk to School Event!

Next week is our Giant Walk to School Event. Maybe you didn’t know we’re hosting one. Maybe you are debating coming. Maybe you just want to hear more great things that will be happening on the day. We’ll be meeting at 7:30am at the Marchesi Centre in Windermere on Tuesday 21st May (#happyshoesday!). The walk will be in honour of walk to school week. Here’s 5 reasons why you and your little one(s) should show up…

1. A free healthy breakfast to start the day 

We’ve got pancakes. We’ve got fruit. We’ve got bacon sarnies. We’ve got gluten free. We’ve got dairy free. We’ve got healthy. All ready for you to enjoy. Sorry it can’t be breakfast in bed, but it will be breakfast and a lovely walk to school!


2. A great way to encourage your kids to have a healthy start to the day. 

Starting the day with a good breakfast and a walk outside is proven to make children less irritable, tired, and more alert during the day. Exactly what they need to be for a great day of learning!


3. One word: GOODYBAGS! 

As well as Little bRogues goodies, there’s Clarks. There’s Geox. There’s Skechers. There’s Birkenstock. There’s Froddo shoes. There’s Primigi. And there’s even special vouchers too!


4. Famous kids characters to keep your little one’s entertained all the way to the school gates 

Lego Batman, Lego Wyldstyle, a Minion, and Spongebob will be attending the event. Each character will then walk with it’s designated primary school to school!


5. A glass of fizz for the adults (because you need a little treat too!)

What better way to start your day than with a cheers? Whether it’s a cheers to getting out the house on time, or just for dealing with being a parent every single day, you deserve a drink and a pat on the back!

Thank you for looking at our shoes!

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We also have an event coming up on Tuesday 21st May for Walk to School Week. You can enjoy a free healthy breakfast and get your hands on some Little bRogues goodies. RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1019743784894718/

We look forward to seeing you!

Little bRogues

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