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4 Reasons why Children’s Shoes are the Perfect Gift

4 Reasons why Children’s Shoes are the Perfect Gift

Not many people think of buying children’s shoes as a gift and I can understand why. It can be a tricky thing, in principle, it sounds like hard work, but believe me, it’s not and shoes really do make the perfect gift.

Think about it, you could either spend your money on some plastic toy that the child will play with for about a week and then forget, or, you could give them a cool pair of shoes that the child can wear every day.
As a parent I know which I’d prefer, so I’ve put together a bit of a buying guide, to help you thorough the minefield and convince you that buying a pair of children’s shoes will make you the perfect gift buyer.

  1. It’s a present that keeps on giving

A pair of shoes that fit right, will last for a long time, so the first thing you need to do is find out the child’s shoe size. Now this can be a little tricky, especially if you’re thinking of buying the shoes as a surprise gift. Speak to the parent of caregiver and ask for the child’s shoe size but a word of warning, you don’t want the generic shoe size from a clothing store. Supermarkets and clothing stores that also sell children’s shoes are not shoemakers and often, when you go to a specialist shoe shop, like Little bRouges, they’ll find the fit from those types of shoes are dreadful. As Simon Dernie, owner of Little bRouges explained, ‘we can convert these sizes but it’s not an exact science as fit changes from brand to brand. The best analogy is to think about your dress size, you maybe a 10 in one shop or an 8, or 12 in another.’
So if possible, take the child for a professional shoe fitting. If this isn’t possible, make sure the store accepts returns, should the fit be wrong. Little bRouges accepts returns within 14 days provided the shoes are unworn and in their original packaging.

  1. Children’s shoes are fun and fashionable
    Children’s shoes are possibly one of the few presents that are fun, fashionable and practical all at the same time. When buying children’s shoes as a gift, you’re also doing the parent a favour. You’re presenting something that is useful and practical and so much better than say, a loud musical toy that will drive the whole household mad, or a big plastic item that needs loads of storage space.
    You’ll be thanked not only by the child, but by the parents as well, especially if you do a bit of homework and see what styles and fashion the child is into before buying. You could go for the whole ‘mini-me’ theme, and buy a small pair of Dr Martens boots or trainers. Or really go all out and indulge in a fun pair of shoes that the parents might not want to indulge in such as a pair of light up Geox Komodore.  https://littlebrogues.co.uk/product-category/lights/
  2. Children’s shoes are original gifts

I have two children, one is fourteen years old and I don’t think anyone has ever bought him a pair of shoes as a birthday or Christmas present. Perhaps it’s my fault for not putting a pair of children’s shoes on his Christmas list, but I won’t make that mistake again, my daughter has already picked out three pairs that she’s asking Father Christmas for!
Children’s shoes are not something that everybody gifts, therefore making you the most original gift buyer they’ve got. So not only will they be the perfect gift, but the child will be delighted as it’s something thoughtful and original and the added bonus is that they’ll think of you every time they put them on their feet!


  1. You can make it an experience

If the thought of buying children’s shoes as a gift is off putting, you think there’s too much work to find out the child’s shoe size and style then it’s even better to give gift vouchers, but, do it with a twist.
Don’t give the vouchers alone, add a promise with it.
A promise to take the child shoe shopping. This is a win for everybody involved. Firstly, for the child, as they get to spend time with you in a wonderful environment. If you take them to an independent shoe shop, such as Little bRouges, you can expect to have a delightful time. You’ll be fussed over in a warm and cosy setting with exceptional service where the child is made to feel super important. Their feet will be measured carefully and then, once the correct size is determined, you can spend a lovely leisurely time choosing the shoes with the child, trying on as many pairs as they like.

The parents get some free babysitting, so they’re automatically delighted, and you get to feel brilliant as everyone involved is having a lovely time and it was all your idea.
Of course, the above points only work if you choose the right shoe shop in the first place. Little bRouges, in Winderemere, has it all. They stock all the most fashionable and on trend brands, have fully trained and professional staff to advise and help and have gift vouchers in  £10 and £20. They also stock Bob & Blossom clothing, including tutus! A perfect match to go with those shoes, and have fun backpacks and hair accessories.

If you buy children’s shoes as a gift you won’t regret it, in fact, you’ll find it so easy and rewarding you’ll want to do it again.

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